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Employment Opportunities – Apply NOW and Become One of the TAX EXPERTS

For aspiring individuals seeking employment in the field of tax preparation and filing services, the Tax Experts has several openings that offer great opportunities for enriching career growth and success. Not only do we value the creative spark and professional attitude that you have, the Tax Experts take the extra steps to assist every new team member by helping them have a remarkable opportunity that guarantees knowledge and skill development.

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Positions Available

Listed below are the positions that are available:

Store Manager Job Description

Have a passion for managing and growing dynamic teams? We need you!

We are looking for an experienced store manager that is great with not only managing and building team relationships but also growing stores independently and creating new ways to bring in customers.

Tax experience is preferred.
Our mission is to help our customers make tax-time easier than ever and do this at scale!
Are you…

A driven retail manager with exceptional leadership skills and the ability to manage stores effectively. Energized by the opportunity to solve problems, and lead teams to do the same?
Interested in investing your time working for six months of the year, leaving you free for the remainder of the year to pursue other interests?

If so, then we are interested in having you on our team!

You have…

• Experience managing store operations
◦ Reaching store sales goals.
◦ Assist with marketing to obtain new customers for your store.
◦ Managing and restoring inventory (office materials, promotional products, etc)
◦ Keeping all store items operable and running
◦ Assist with hiring new employees.
◦ Completing quality controls of each tax file and making sure that each form is 100% complete prior to releasing customer checks.
◦ Managing and reviewing all employee timesheets/hours to make sure payroll is completed each week by Monday 5 pm.
◦ Making sure all incoming traffic is logged on the Marketing Traffic form as well as in the Cross Links database correctly, and place the completed forms in the Marketing Traffic Form binder.
◦ Making sure the store opens on time (clean) and close on time (clean).
◦ Scheduling all employees to ensure that the store is always well-staffed.
◦ Completing employee performance reviews every other year.
◦ Making sure the mascot is passing out flyers and the store flag is present at all times directing new incoming traffic.

• Experience managing tax professionals
◦ Resolve conflicts between customers and tax preparers.
◦ Making sure each employed tax preparer has a PTIN number.
◦ Making sure each tax preparer’s information is in the Cross Links System
◦ Turn in a weekly count of all customers processed.
◦ Inputting customer banking information into Cross Links for direct deposit
◦ Ensuring the customer referees receive their referral checks and forwarding this information to the administrative assistant to have faxed over to Annetta Powell.
◦ Assist tax preparers with customer tax returns.

Your day to day will include managing the store and its employees as well as troubleshooting store problems and coming up with solutions. This can be a busy but fulfilling role. Best of all this only requires 6 months of commitment at a time, freeing you to pursue other hobbies/interests the rest of the year!

If this is something you are interested in. We’d love to hear from you!

Don’t worry, training on the above tasks will be completed prior to your start date so that you get the hang of how everything should flow!

Team Leader Job Description

Do you see yourself as a leader, and love leading teams and tackling problems with innovative solutions?
If so...we need you on our team!

We are looking for aTeam leader with experience managing and directing peers to accomplish business-critical tasks and goals.

Our mission is to help our customers make tax-time easier than ever and do this at scale!

Tax experience is preferred.

As a Tax ExpertsTeam Leader, you will support and report to your store manager. Your role will involve making sure all company policies and procedures are properly adhered to as well as supporting and guiding team tax preparers on a daily basis.
Your day to day…

• Support the store manager and be the store's main point of contact when a manager is not present.
• Help ensure consistent execution of daily tasks and uphold the Tax Experts customer service values.
• Handle all escalated customer service related issues that exceed the capabilities of regular associates.
• Ensure client returns are 100% complete and filed away according to Tax Experts operating procedures.
• Schedule and manage all tax preparers to ensure that daily tasks are executed fully and completely to Tax Experts standards.
• Support the store manager by making sure the store remains clean and in full operational capacity.
• Most importantly be an example to all team members by leading with energy and integrity.

You have…

• At Least 2 years of experience leading diverse teams.
• 3 years of experience in a customer support related role.
• A can-do success-oriented mindset.
• Willing to learn and execute on the fly.
• Experience managing stores and store assets.
• Knowledge of business fundamentals. (Scheduling, Work Loads, and Execution)

At Tax Experts, we believe that work doesn’t have to be boring and mundane. We need a team leader that will help create and build a progressive culture that everyone enjoys.

If this sounds like you we’d love to hear from you!

Tax Preparer Job Description

Does helping people solve their problems get you excited? Do you love interacting with new customers and revealing solutions to problems they never knew existed?

If so...We want you on our team!

We are looking for tax preparers to join our team for the upcoming tax season to help our customers get the refunds they deserve all while providing a friendly welcoming experience.

Previous tax experience is preferred! Don’t know if you all are accepting entry level?

Your day to day…
• Prepare federal and state tax returns for our customers.
• Assist in filing accompanying tax forms for special tax needs.
• Help handle customer support related issues.
• Help fellow team members with filings as needed.
• Contribute to keeping the store clean and organized
• Adhere to company operating policies and procedures

You have…
• A great positive attitude
• A great analytical mind with the ability to problem solve on the fly.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• The ability to thrive in a fast paced environment.
• The ability to work efficiently and productively when unsupervised.
• Previous tax experience and familiarity with tax terms and verbiage.

At Tax Experts we believe in creating a fun work environment that encourages growth and development of all employees.

When joining our team you are joining our family!

If the above sounds like something you’d be interested in we’d love to have you on our team.

Just apply today!

Administrative Assistant Job Description

Are you creative, passionately organized, thoughtful, and love tackling problems and coming up with innovative solutions?

If so, we want you on our team!

We are growing fast and we need an administrative assistant who is always two steps...no three steps ahead to keep everything flowing as smoothly as possible!

Who are we?

At Tax Experts, we aim to create an engagingly pleasant experience for our customers to make tax time less stressful and….well fun! We want our customers to be able to come in and be treated like family while we tackle the nuances of the tax code so that they get their best refund as fast as possible.

You will primarily be the glue that keeps us all together and on the same page!

Your day to day…

• Greeting and welcoming all incoming customers!
• Answering the store’s main phone line and forwarding calls as needed to the appropriate team member.
• Supporting the store manager in reaching store sales goals.
• Ensuring that all incoming traffic is logged on the marketing traffic form, entered into the Crosslink database correctly and that the completed forms are placed in the Marketing Traffic form binder.
• Keeping the clipboards stocked with the needed tax forms at all times
• Making sure customers/taxpayers complete all prior forms before beginning their session with our tax preparer.
• Scanning and validating customers’ state ID/social security cards and making sure they are uploaded into the Crosslinks system.
• Keeping track of all customer referrals and informing the store manager when someone qualifies for a referral check.
• Prepping customer returns for the tax preparer.
• Completing a quality control on each file prior to disbursing a check to the customer to ensure that each file is 100% correct and ready to submit.
• You will also be tasked with making sure the supply room is clean and maintained at all times. (Making it easier for other team members to find what they need when they need it!)
• Making sure the store and bathrooms are cleaned and ready at the end of each business day. (Review the Tax Expert Cleaning form for cleaning details.)

You have…

• 1-2 years of experience supporting a growing organization in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
• Outstanding oral and written communication skills.
• You can work independently and manage frequent changing needs.
• Strong organization skills and attention to detail.
• Poised under pressure with the ability to switch gears at a moment’s notice.
• A can-do success-oriented mindset.
• A positive, dedicated, and customer service oriented personality.
• Experience with computers and knowledge of the Microsoft suite of products (Word, Excel, Etc)
• Tax experience is a plus!

Mascot Job Description

Do you have an entertaining and outgoing personality and love entertaining audiences?

If so, Tax Experts wants…no needs you!

Who are we?

At Tax Experts, we aim to create an engagingly pleasant experience for our customers to make tax time less stressful and….well fun! We want our customers to be able to come in and be treated like family while we tackle the nuances of the tax code so that they get their best refund as fast as possible.

We are looking for Mascots this upcoming tax season to serve as the front line of our customer experience! Your presence will serve to enhance the positive, exciting, and welcoming atmosphere that the Tax Experts brand stands by.

Your day to day…

• Have and maintain high enthusiastic energy at all times to capture the attention of potential customers.
• Distribute promotional materials to potential customers and get them excited about tax season.
• Work in conjunction with the store manager by being a team player and helping to maintain a clean facility inside and out!
• Preserve the identity of the mascot without deviating from brand standards.
• Attract customers to the store through energetic activity and positive customer interaction.
• Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
• You will be in character while performing most duties.
• Duties of this position are performed primarily outside.
• A clean mascot is a happy mascot! All character apparel/props should be kept clean at all times!

What should you have?

• The ability to walk and stand for extended periods of time while in costume
• The ability to read individual social clues and understand the level of interaction each potential customer may want.
• 1 or 2 years of experience in a customer-facing/support role.
• A can-do success-oriented mindset.
• A friendly and outgoing attitude with a team player mentality.
• Most importantly, some killer dance moves and a passion for entertaining!
If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you on our team!
Apply today!


Thank you for your interest in joining the Tax Experts. If you wish to apply for a position to work with us and experience a truly rewarding career, please send us your resume by:



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