Q: What do the Tax Experts do?

A: We handle a wide range of tax-related tasks, from managing personal tax returns to helping set up your business for tax compliancy and everything in-between. If you’re wondering whether we handle the specific need you have, contact us directly!

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Visit the “Contact Us” page from the menu above and send us a message. You can also call us at 800-880-3492, or visit one of our two physical locations.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We have five franchise locations in Detroit, Pontiac, and Flint, Michigan. To see the addresses and contact information of each location, click on the Locations tab on the top menu.

Q: I’m interesting in opening a Tax Experts franchise. Can you help me?

A: Opening a Tax Experts franchise is an excellent investment for your future. Click on the Start a Franchise tab to learn more about opening a Tax Experts store in your area.

Q: Do you handle electronic tax filing services?

A: Yes, and more. We’re fully qualified and licensed to handle electronic tax filing services.

Q: Do you offer Pickup and Drop-Off services?

A: We’re happy to pick you up when you need a ride to prepare your taxes. We handle pickup and drop-off services on a regular basis, partnering with rideshare services such as Uber & Lyft. If you’d like to learn more, visit the Our Services tab on the menu at the top of this page.

Q: I need access to previous returns. Can you help me?

A: We can help you access any previous tax returns as long as they were filed at one of our locations.

Q: Do you offer audit protection?

A: Our audit security and protection is extremely robust. To find out more about it, check out the Our Services page for additional information and details about our secure approach.

Q: I’m a college student, can you help me prepare my taxes?

A: We love helping college students navigate the sometimes-confusing world of tax preparation and requirements. If you’re a college student in need of tax help, contact us at 800-880-3492, or click the Contact Us tab.

Q: Do you offer training on tax subjects?

A: We’re always happy to help average people become better informed on tax related topics. Contact us to learn more about how we can help train you in tax law and preparation.

Q: Do you offer tax support for businesses?

A: Yes, helping businesses handle their taxes is a huge part of what we do here at the Tax Experts. From helping self-employed individuals and startups to handling tax work for established businesses and publicly traded companies, we’re here to help. We would be happy to guide your business through tax compliancy.

Q: Can I get a quote for specific services I’m seeking?

A: To request a quote, hover over the Our Services tab, then select Request a Quote from the submenu. Fill out the quote form and you’ll hear from us within 24 hours.

Q: How many employees do you have at The Tax Experts?

A: The Tax Experts employs over 40 fully trained, highly qualified tax masters to help serve our clients and customers. Please stop by one of our stores so we can help you get the largest refund possible, guaranteed.

Q: Do you offer incentives for employees?

A: Yes, we do! Learn more about our incentive program under the “Employment Opportunities” tab.

Q: How do I schedule a pickup?

A: Navigate to the Our Services tab, then click on Schedule a Pickup. We’ll work with you to schedule a pickup that works for your schedule and unique needs.

Q: I want to join the Tax Experts team. How can I get started?

A: If you’re a talented tax expert, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us via our Employment Opportunities tab and you’ll hear back from one of our representatives in no time.

Q: Do you offer cash advances at your locations?

A: Yes, we offer cash advances up to $7,500.

Q: How soon will I receive a cash advance once I’m approved for it?

A: You’ll receive your cash advance the same day it’s approved. We’ll give you a call as soon as you’ve been approved so you can come pick up your funds.

Q: How long will approval of a cash advance take?

A: 24 hours or less from the time your application is submitted.

Q: How do I apply to work at Tax Experts?

A: Navigate to the Employment Opportunities tab at the top of the page. We would love to speak with you about joining our team of tax experts.

Q: Can you help me download my W2s?

A: Yes! We can assist you with downloading W2s at one of our in-store computers.

Q: Are your tax offices open year-round?

A: No. We’re open during peak tax season, from December 27th to April 30th. If you have any tax issues or concerns outside of that period, contact us at 800-880-3492 and we can assist you with any and all issues.

Q: How long have the Tax Experts been in business?

A: The Tax Franchise company has been open since January 2009, and we partnered with the franchise company in December 2009.

Q: What are your store hours?

A: Tax Expert stores are open during the following hours between December 27th and April 30th:
Monday:Friday: 9am to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to 7pm
Sunday: Appointment only.